Abdiel Reyes

Invited Artist

At the age of 4 he started developing interest in the field of art. He was especially interested in animated characters. He began to explore with drawing, using it as a means to escape from the real world in which he was not represented. At 15 he decided to formalize his apprenticeship in the art world and focused on digital creation. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts at PUCPR. His works are aimed at mixing the concepts of modern beauty standards with the fanciful and supernatural. He enjoys representing the human race, the female figure and the LGBT + community in his works while playing with reality and imagination. The works presented in this exhibition seek to reflect natural forces from a wild and sensual perspective. This is why he primarily chooses the female figure. For Abdiel the woman is the center of life and he considers that she is constantly manipulated by a society with a patriarchal mentality.


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