Diana N. Collazo Hernández

Diana is an emerging young artist who’s artwork focus on social issues and the human condition. Since her initial artistic endeavors, she has been opened to opportunities and challenges that have motivated her to create artwork by manipulating and complementing different art media. 

In this online space, she exhibits a sample of her latest project, Marcas (Scars). Departing from personal experience, Marcas emerges as a need for own liberation through the experimentation of different art media. Through installations of mixed media, she provokes the spectator to excerpt feelings, sometimes hidden, and meditate about the physical, psychological, social, emotional, and spiritual scars that mark humans. Using materials such as threads, ropes, and cement, Diana manipulates fabrics. She shapes a human feeling and conforms it into a tangible object. With her artwork, she creates a metaphor of the sentiment she intends to convey. The relative sizes of the pieces reveal their intensity and impact. Every work creates an awareness statement by using makeup as a simile for the defense mechanism most humans use for covering the scars that hurt and make them vulnerable.