Elliott Benjamín Santiago Rodríguez

Invited Artist

Elliot is a student of Architecture and Design at the Catholic University of Puerto Rico. Art has always captivated him and it was what prompted him to study in his field. With the intention of intertwining architecture and art in his works, last semester he decided to explore the world of art by enrolling in an art course. In that course he developed a digital art project that includes the works presented in this exhibition. Portafolio de Emociones, as he calls his project, aims to use and represent the psychological aspect of people through photographs, textures and colors. To carry out this project, Elliott made a survey in which he asked a group of individuals to express in 10 words different emotions that have marked them. Then he made a representation of those words and emotions according to his interpretation, thus seeking to show and raise awareness about the various mental health profiles that may exist.


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