Génesis M. Martínez Arroyo

Invited Artist

Her first interactions with art occurred since she was little, her first media were drawing and painting. In 2015 she began her Bachelor of Fine Arts studies at PUCPR and by 2018 she added Marketing to her studies. She has worked on various themes, but her main interest has always been the human figure. She participated in several group exhibitions such as Alice in Wonderland in 2015, From Human to Divine in 2017 and in the Emerging Art Auction for 2019. The work she presents in this exhibition is dedicated to her grandparents as a sample of their memory and appreciation. Her work demonstrates the development and technique of the brushstroke in the folds and faces of the human figure. In addition, Genesis is interested in psychology and the development of the human psyche. This is why with her works she seeks to create a silent dialogue between the viewer and the work.


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