Janice M. Caraballo Andújar

Invited Artist

The artistic creation of this young PUCPR student aims to provoke the viewer and open a space for free interpretation. Through her works she makes statements on her perspectives about beauty. For her, beauty hides and at the same time shows an inner emptiness. Using acrylic and oil on canvas, she tries to bring out the reality that beauty carries day and night. Janice writes questioning the viewer “What is the true beauty of women? Does her physical appearance really matter so much that you forget about her spirit and her ideals? The true value of beauty is in your strength and determination to forge the path of your life. " For her, self-love and nurturing your intellect are the basis to overcome any obstacle of insecurity. Her work is based on breaking beauty stereotypes and seeks to raise awareness of the "types of beauty" that can really exist.


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