Jaret Lamboy

Invited Artist

Born in Ponce, raised in Adjuntas and being an only child, these were her greatest influences to become interested in the art world. Since she was little, this admiration and call from her was notable, which motivated her family to support her in entering this world. From elementary school she excelled in drawing, thus winning several art competitions at her school. It is in the fourth grade where her inclination for art is formalized, then working with painting under the tutelage of teacher Emilio Rodríguez Cardona who notices her enthusiasm and helps her to promote her passion. In 2016 she participates and obtains the award in the COSVI Essence and Tradition Christmas Postcard Contest. She is currently a student at PUCPR and works with various media such as oil, watercolor and charcoal. Her works presented in this exhibition are part of a series of pieces that seek to exalt Puerto Rican identity. Taking as a source of inspiration the song of Lucecita Benítez Raza Pura, Jaret seeks to represent the contemporary Puerto Rican and demonstrate that her stories are based on culture.


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