Joe Martínez

Although Joe was attracted to art at a very young age, it was a car accident, that made him stay for two months in a hospital, that propelled his interest in painting.  During that period he made countless sketches on several sketch pads.  After leaving the hospital he was bound to a professional career in the arts.  He pursued formal education in art earning a Master’s degree in Art.  Early in his career, Joe was attracted to representative painting, specifically landscape.  However, in search of a unique style he embraced abstract and semi-abstract expressionism. His abstract pieces provoke a sociological and psychological analysis of the formal statement they present.  His paintings and engravings focus on issues dealing with human behavior, existentialism, social criticism, and humanism.  He could either question the absurdity of racism, critique the madness of partisan politics, or express the consternation caused by a homophobic crime.