Kevo is an emerging artist with good knowledge of his roots. His artistic philosophy comes from research on his heritage and cultural elements of his society. His biggest influence is Abstract Expressionism, but he has developed a unique way to converge this movement with semiotics and create what he defines as Semiotic Expressionism. He describes this movement as “a genre which governs in the Semiotic sense a veil of simplicity, and in an Abstract Expressionist sense, its story-tells, compelling your senses to a more complex universal narrative”. Kevo calls himself the king of no materials, because he makes his masterpieces using recycled materials. Each of them carries his special intention of connecting with nature while expressing cultural issues, and motivating the search of consciousness that always provoke his artworks. Through his signature, a peculiar Tree, he lets others know he is an Earth emissary. As Kevo himself says: “I enforce my agenda to make humanity unite in love and consciousness in order to become prosperous and balanced once and for all”.