La Esencia en Diecisiete

Human essence manifests in multiple mediums, formats, and expressions.  The artists that belong to the RegalArti collective manifest their trajectory in tangible poems. A sample of them that represent their essence has been selected for this exposition.  We expose pieces of artwork that contribute to “the nature of things, what’s permanent and invariable of them” (Spanish Real Academy).  Each piece is full of memories that intertwine through the materials and the instant they were mixed.  Each artwork represents a new step in the trajectory of its author.

Since its beginning, RegalArti has been faithful to its objective of promoting the talent of Puertorrican artists by providing virtual space for a gender-balanced exposition of artwork.  This exposition celebrates the first anniversary of RegalArti, a new art exposition venue with worldwide exposure.  It also marks the beginning of a series of expositions that will showcase the development of the artists that belong to this collective.

Expositions like this, with a large diversity of artists, techniques, and development stages, confirm the need for integrated spaces for a wide variety of artistic expressions. RegalArti is pleased to provide this exposition space for its pioneer collective of intrepid artists.