Laurencia Victoria

Laurencia Victoria is an emerging artist whose technique possesses a figurative-surrealist facet between the tangible pigments. Each artwork immerses the audience into an alternative reality where they can explore in detail the universe where the piece coexists. Using the human figure as a mystical creature, the artist seeks to enter the viewer’s most secret desires. Given these facts, her work accomplishes the multiverse of symbolism and interpretations that can be given by its audience. To tell each piece’s story, the artist twists the texture between acrylic and oil painting challenging the viewer’s gaze. The visible or hidden shadows inside the artwork is the most significant characteristic of her work. She communicates the viewer the stages of life and how it can be observed from many directions, but at the end they undoubtedly merge with who we are, establishing that it does not matter if you are drowning or wrinkling, life goes on. Her representations are correlated with how the she has been growing in the art world. Showing pieces to track back in time and analyzing the recent ones, gives the spectator the concept of aging as a relevant theme constantly present in her artworks.