Omar Martínez

Invited Artist

His interest in art began at an early age. At age 13, he started studies at the Specialized School of Fine Arts in Ponce. There he began to master different media and expand her knowledge in the world of art. In 2013 it he was part of the Casa Pueblo Workshop, which consisted of 30 contact hours designed for the artistic development of students and children in the town of Adjuntas. In 2015 he worked in an individual project for the development of a video game, where he worked as a conceptual artist of the backgrounds and aesthetic-visual designs of the project. She is currently undertaking her graduate studies at the College of Arts and Humanities at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Puerto Rico, Ponce Campus. With the works presented in this exhibition, Omar aims to show how society uses different types of entertainment, in this case board games, to escape the situations that temper the human condition. 


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