Susan Olivera

There are stories that are worth telling for the goodness of our souls. As a cancer survivor, more than once, Susan Olivera has found an emotional way to share her difficult experience. What began just as art therapy evolved into her new passion and career. Her latest artworks show different stages of what it feels like to be dealing with cancer. She is a vigorous and encouraging woman and her pieces reflect it. Sharing her mood swings is a way to free the word “cancer” off her body. After being an artist for several years, Susan has mastered oil and acrylic painting, watercolors and various printmaking techniques. On each piece she plays with colors and shapes that manifest the tough reality of dealing with cancer. Her commitment to tell the stories of women that have battled cancer is such that she got involved with the Breast Cancer Art Project and became the main organizer and curator of its first exhibition which is being held in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. This exhibition showcases art by survivors from across the world. Several of her artworks are being exhibited, including Red Devil and Diagnóstico.