Valeria Sofía Serrano

Invited Artist

This artist, better known in the art world as Carbonn Fiber, is a science student at PUCPR, but her interest in the arts is very notable. To achieve her goal of improving her interpretation of reality in drawing, she has been drawing every day for the past four years. Her main interest is to achieve the correct proportions with a hyperbolic touch in some areas. In order to tune her technique, she uses digital media to create and illustrate her drawings. The main source of inspiration for her is light, followed by the manga and the conceptual art present in the video games. To create, her process is a fairly studied and elaborate one, since her influences come from what she can absorb from the things that surround her. With this in mind, she creates sketches that help conceptualize her final work. With her art, she seeks to express her own interpretation of what she perceives as the real world but in a fanciful way that can awaken the imagination of the viewer.


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