Curatorial Statement

Artistic expressions are an essential part of the social development of every human being. For centuries art exhibitions have been conceived as social events in which works that translate the creative process of their artists are displayed. In contemporary times, presentations have been established that seek to challenge and provoke their viewers. The works presented in this exhibition seek to be interpreted outside of their vision limits. Bearing in mind that, as a product of social and cultural needs, the artifact arises. This space shows the transcendental process that tempers human reality due to a global virus that affects face-to-face communications and keeps us away from the outside world. The selection of "artifacts" presented in this exhibition constitute a part of the experiences of its creators. These works are vestiges of the end of a face-to-face chapter and its virtual mode beginnings. A dimension where they not only distance themselves from the classroom and their mentors but also from their family, friends and the irreplaceable human encounter.

RegalArti, as Virtual Gallery, presents the exhibition Artefacto: a la distancia del Bacilo. With it, RegalArti challenges social distancing and shows worldwide, behind a screen, the artworks created by six artists in training from the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico.

Jomarie Pérez Serrano
Artistic Director, RegalArti
July 2020
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